Getting your jacuzzi fitted at home

A thorough preparation is the key to success in both when getting your Jacuzzi fitted. In the course of wanting to get it fitted, you may choose between the following two options: install it yourself or let someone else do the job. By tackling some of the work yourself, not only does it ensure a secure and correct installation of the Jacuzzi, but it can also be an excellent way to save on the installation costs. If you do not have the necessary knowledge, or if you do not have the time to install the Spa yourself, it is best to leave the installation of your Spa to experienced and professional installers.

The base

The base for your jacuzzi should not only be strong, but also plain, level, and equalized. Avoid alterations or movements of the foundation when installing the Spa. No matter where you choose to position your hot tub, the site must be able to support the combined weight of the tub, the water, and the people in it. A tiled floor may suffice, if properly placed. Concrete provides the strongest foundation: if you choose to pour a concrete slab, make it at least 10 centimetres thick. Also pay close attention to the surface around the Spa: it should not become too slippery when water spills over the edge of the Spa.

How accessible is it

As it is known, a Spa cannot be dismantled and does not fit through a standard doorway and that is why it is good to keep the dimensions of a Spa in mind when considering where to install it. If the installation site is easily accessible and if the garden-doors and/or other doors are wide enough, installing your Jacuzzi will be quite straightforward. It will be entirely different if the installation site is not easily accessible. If the Spa has to be lifted over the house, for example, you will have to take the reach of the crane into account.

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