What you can do in Catalonia

Catalonia not only has a beautiful coastline with beautiful beaches and bays, but also many cultural events. The metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona has many attractions in advance. But of course, small towns and many natural parks will make your vacation more rewarding.

Barcelona at a glance

Barcelona is the capital of the region, but also a global Mediterranean city. The city with Roman roots is directly on the sea and is today a true cultural metropolis. It is understood that the cultural and historical heritage is preserved and that modern art is promoted at the same time. But Barcelona also cultivates culture and popular traditions. During festivities in different parts of the city, you can get an image and discover the atmosphere of the festive atmosphere of Barcelona. Several structures of Catalan architects are also interesting. Traces of ancient Roman rule are still visible everywhere. Therefore, it is worth visiting the neighborhoods of the medieval city and a boat trip is a great idea.

Catalonia by boat

In the idyllic landscape of glittering valleys and gentle hills, tourists can discover picturesque medieval towns. Folk sea ports and peaceful peasant towns where birdsong and church bells are the loudest sounds. The Catalan coast enchants sun lovers with coastal destinations such as the upmarket resort and this great opportunity to rent a boat barcelona to admire every activity offered on the place. At each stop, the local gastronomy will seduce the visitors. Try local specialties like Esqueixad, peppers, tomatoes and salads. The old town was built on the right bank of the Onyar River with colorful houses along the coast. Everyone knows that it is in Spain that we find the first seaside resort that was the first to welcome Russian tourists on their land.

Catalonia by boat is to explore the marine world of Costa Brava, and to visit the hidden caves on the Costa Daurada coast, and enjoy the clear water of Barcelona and many other possibilities to admire this country.

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