Different ways of using jacuzzi tubs

Having jacuzzi tubs at home is a source of well-being, but knowing how to use it properly requires a little workout in the beginning. What to do before using it for the first time and what are the guidelines for using a spa, when to use it, who can enjoy it, what are the right things to do and how to maintain it.

At what temperature should the water in a hot tub be heated?

The spa is most often heated between 34 and 40 degrees. Like the power of the jets, it is possible to adjust the temperature of the water at your convenience. Our advice: reduce the heat of the hot tub if the indoor temperature is hot or conversely increase it if you enjoy an outdoor spa in winter.

How long can you stay in a jacuzzi?

A spa session usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, but this time depends on the temperature of the water and your tastes. However, that the warmer the water, the less time it will stay for 10 minutes for a temperature of 40 degrees and 20 minutes for water at 34 degrees.

How to settle in a spa?

According to the different types of Jacuzzis proposed by the care establishments, a spa session is practiced in 2 massage positions, sitting or lying down. Depending on the arrangement of the nozzles, you mainly massage your legs in a sitting position, sometimes the lower back also, and, lying down, legs, back, arms are massaged simultaneously.

Jacuzzi and Aromatherapy

Water wellness professionals like to add a small dose of aromatherapy. How? By using plant extracts. Harmoniously diffused in the water, the essential oils are very beneficial for both body and mind.

What if we did some exercise in the jacuzzi?

Combine pleasure and utility by performing a few leg movements such as water aerobics: lift your leg, bend your knee and bring your thigh to you.

The use of a Jacuzzi is often a problem and this is why users are asking more and more questions. Spa use may be different for each model. But we must consider basic uses.

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