Croatia develops yacht charter in the country

Croatia is more than a thousand islands that bathe quietly in transparent water, a dream landscape and a destination that makes fantasize more than one. From left to right, the grandeur and the green that we see there are worthy of a real postcard.

Visit Croatia is easy

And if you have always wanted to visit Croatia, a few weeks are enough to go around all the islands. Charter boats usually have three or four cabins, with six to eight beds. In relation to the capacity of the boat, it is often formed groups of people who want to rent the boat together to reduce the price of the rental per passenger. It is therefore important to realize that life on board is very different from what you have known so far; new environment, new experience, rather a narrow space, lack of privacy... This is why you have to be very careful about the choice of members who will train the crew, because a bad deal could turn your vacation into a real nightmare. The conditions to respect for a successful cruise are that the group must agree on the general appearance of the boat, and of course in terms of navigation.

Croatia boat rental in Split

Thanks to its beautiful configuration, Croatia is one of the most coveted countries in the world. It is indeed an ideal destination for cruising. Sail and make discoveries with the wind and the sea that will be your only traveling companions. The yacht charter croatia allows you to discover several wonders. At the rendezvous, you will have on a silver platter the most beautiful islands of the country and several exceptional sites that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. For example, visit the two major national parks, the Krka Waterfall National Park or the Plitvice Lakes. But it's not just the waters you'll see during your trip. You can also enjoy the lush vegetation as well as the various clear water features that offer breath-taking shows.

Whether you are alone or in a group, this adventure deserves to be experienced. Also enjoy this moment to visit the island of Brac located in front of Split.

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