Welcome to the club where get bored is impossible

Welcome to the Club, a unique and inspired place, original and singular. In an exceptional setting, this space dedicated to sport and well-being offers the benefits of ultra personalized service in an exceptional setting, the Club, far from the effects of fashion, offers its members adapted, thoughtful and effective physical activities. and pleasant to practice.


The gym area has several guided machines (very comfortable to use) and weights and alters, comfortable and easy to use to draw and build muscles safely. The club offers personalized assessments for a practice tailored to your needs. A space with parquet of a big surface which is dedicated to the interactive collective lessons. Participate in sessions of abs, glutes, stretching, zumba ... on a lively music, to untie tensions and chase stress at any time of the day. This room offers a wide choice of cardio equipment: carpets, bicycles, rowing machines, elliptical, crossover ... to strengthen and improve endurance. Evolve at your own pace or by calling a coach who will help you progress.

Spa and Hammam

Want to relax? Take care of yourself? The club offers a spa and a range of beauty treatments and massages. A relaxation area available at any time to share a moment of conviviality or simply to make a gourmet break, drinks and snacks are at your disposal. Comfort and relaxation will be at the rendezvous. In the gray weather where the sunlight is missing terribly ... the club offers solutions that will not leave you indifferent! A true ritual of beauty and well-being, a hammam session can purify and cleanse the skin, release accumulated toxins.


At your disposal also, two fitness rooms in which you can enjoy a range of group classes. Leave your complexes in the cloakroom and enjoy a wide range of easy and fun activities for you to spend. You will have a cardio-training space as well as a space of musculation entirely equipped with high-end Techno Gym machines. Our coaches will be at your disposal if you want to establish a program, have some nutritional advice or simply be supported in your sport project.

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