Where to order jacuzzi tubs in time for the summer

Whether you use a 2-seater Jacuzzi, a 4-seater Jacuzzi or an 8-seater Jacuzzi, the choice of water temperature for your hot tub depends on many circumstances.

Health benefits to the spa

Although, there are many health benefits to the spa, the instructions for use should be followed to avoid unpleasant surprises. Thus, for children, people suffering from any disease or pregnant women, it is recommended to consult a doctor to determine the ideal temperature of the spa water. This allows you to properly adjust the latter and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. The average bathroom surface is 4m2. It is therefore the space available that dictates the external form the spa. Several criteria of choice are essential to choose a bathtub. First of all, you need to know which style of bath is suitable for the bathroom, a classic model, design or creation. The available space and the shape of the jacuzzi tubs are very important parameters, even if manufacturers offer a wide variety of products.

Choose the best spa tubs

Choose a hull adapted to your morphology and, ideally, that allows a total immersion. Its configuration must favour the relaxation of the arms, the shoulders and the neck, the respect of the vertebral arch. On this point, the ergonomic bathtubs offer the best conditions of comfort with their disbursed bottom and their curvatures adapted to the human body. All models combined; some bathtubs are sold with a neck rest while others offer them as an option. The upper categories are equipped with electronic controls with fixed or removable keypad console, sensitive buttons to manage massage sequences and technical maintenance. These baths also have self-healing properties: bacteriostatic materials, automatic drying, disinfection with ozone.

The diversity of functions and programs is all the more extensive as products go upmarket. Equipped to a minimum, the entry-level models are more restrictive to maintain.


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