The Springtime jacuzzi sale is coming to Tropicspa soon

Spa professionals in one voice will state that the choice of treatment form and outcome depends directly on the time of year to anyone who wishes. So, in spring, the rule says "make" a face and spring time is the perfect time to pamper the body. Which is why in spring, the spa is on promotion.

Get the high quality tropicspa hot tubs for your spring

Tropicspa offers the best materials made hot tubs. They are constructed of an exclusive composite aluminum panel for a smooth, modern look. Our materials are durable and solid for easy maintenance and long-lasting use. All our acrylic quality spas are built using Aristech's best electronic spa system with Balboa water party.

Enjoy the latest features with built-in aromatherapy

Thanks to tropicspa, you can enjoy the latest technology in springtime with yourhot tub on sale. With a built-in Wi-Fi, you can remotely control your hot tub temperature via the worldwide Balboa App. Equally allowed with a Bluetooth system, you can power your music and handle up to two (02) speakers with high-quality sound system. Our Jacuzzi's built-in aromatherapy carries the essential oil in water through millions of air buddle’s which surface in bubble pops and release sweet aroma.

Acquire your tub conveniently at the best price for spring

At tropicspa, we have the advantage of the best prices for quality pleasure. You can choose between our collection of high quality spa or pro Jacuzzi. Of the high quality you can choose between the samana (Euros 3799), the Rio (Euros 3999), the Bahia (Euros 5799), the island (Euros 4 999) or even the Esperanza (Euros 6699) which can accommodate five people. If you are hungry for more, you should look at our pro Spas, with capacities ranging from six (06) to (09) positions, here you have; the levitation spa, the 08-seat RX Pro Spas and even the 08-seat Santiago Spas at just € 16999. Get your hot tub for sale, delivered to you really easily in a short time


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