A selection of yacht charters to rent @Samboat

Finding a rental boat is no easy task. There are companies that offer private rental boats and have websites to make the procedure easier.

Destination selection according to Samboat

Samboat is one of those online boat rental companies. Right now, it's rental on fresh water. There are several types of boats available, but barges are in vogue since the boat is large and easy to maneuver. The Samboat system includes thousands of sailboats, motor yacht charter croatia, schooner and houseboat rental companies and others. The site offers the most complete selection of recreational boats available online. More than 40,000 sailing and motor yacht offers in all regions of the world. Booking is done in a few minutes and online only.

Book a boat online on Samboat

The approach is clear, visit Samboat's website, and now the site is available in several languages. Go to the catalogue section and check which yacht charter is right for you. Make a simulation to see if there are other offers that are better than the one you found. Write to the owner and wait for his answer to see the availability of the boat. Once the owner agrees, you will fill out the boat rental application form on the site. The reply may take a few minutes, but it does not exceed the next 24 hours. Once the site has also given the green light, there is an online advisor who will be available for you. The site presents you with the proforma invoice and asks you to pay the deposit, which is half of the total amount of the trip. Everything is also processed online and your last payment is made one week before the day of the boat.

A program will be sent so that you can also organize yourself, and you will be in charge of supplying the boat. You can still talk with the owner to do all this for you for a few euros.


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