Maintaining your spa and adjusting its water

Your spa is an ideal place of relaxation and well-being. It is therefore necessary that the water is clear, pure and irreproachable from the hygiene side so that you enjoy it without any disappointment. It's one thing to buy a hot tub, but it's another thing to maintain it. Owning a hot tub takes a lot of responsibility.

Maintaining the spa starts with keeping the water clean.

Although always looking the same, water can have very different parameters (pH or hardness) for each region. It is therefore important to balance it as soon as you have filled your jacuzi tubs, which will greatly assist its regulatory maintenance thereafter. The following three essential parameters must be considered: the consistency, alkalinity and pH content of the water. The strength is a parameter indicating the content in water of certain elements - particularly magnesium and calcium. To find out the hardness of your water, do not hesitate to contact your water distributor in your area. To prevent lime deposits immediately after the spa has been diluted, use an anti-lime.

Now that your spa water is balanced, you can move on to the next step: disinfection. While the water must certainly be purified just before or also after each bath depending on the disinfection method you have chosen, we recommend that you regularly perform a basic treatment every week with a disinfectant.

Maintaining and cleaning your spa

You thought your spa maintenance was exhausting and fancy; a lot of products, and a lot of rules… Once you get used to the details of the interview, you realize that it requires only a small concentration, with only a few rules to follow regularly and others to apply case by case. You can quickly and easily check the pH levels with the Strips. If you follow these rules without fail, you will inevitably avoid the problems associated with sanitation.


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